Our Idea
This brief was provided to us by the D&AD New Blood Awards 2020
Let’s make time for friends! Using the Martini Fiero, we made a special edition box, available during summer time where friends can join together to have fun and play a drinking game. We provide a platform for people to connect themselves through creating a brand experience that moves beyond the traditional style of advertising. 

The enjoyment of meeting up with friends to escape for a short time and laugh is becoming harder to achieve today. Often the priority isn’t social, and we want to change that. You can blame it on technology for making these interactions easy without the need to spend time and money, but the truth is you can’t substitute genuine face to face social interactions. But instead of making the technology the issue, why not embrace the opportunities it provides?

Our mission is to bring people together over Martini Fiero, providing a way for people to enjoy time spent together over a drink and creating a new experience that people will associate with happy, enjoyable, and social times with Martini Fiero. The solution was an unforgettable limited edition packaging that stands out in the shelves with the Martini Quiz App game.

The team
Graphic Designers
Camilla Grønvold Langholen
Stefanie Manning
Rhys Turner
Jakub Landor
Dafne Parra Santiago
Tobias Terjesen

Media Production
Nicolo Grasso

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