Disclaimer: This is a uni project in collaboration with Natt&Dag Oslo, and is not a real cover. They sent us the logo and our mission was to copy their layout and using your own photograph to match the visual language of the magazine. You can visit them at www.nattogdag.no
Natt&Dag (Night&Day) is a free magazine for young adults. They write about music, events and the city itself. Beside from that, they focus a lot on politics and are known to be a little rough with their tabu texts and images.  
In this photograph, I focused on "Tinder" with the (translated) title "Tinderguide" and "Find the love". This is a sarcastic way of shaming the "Dating" app to have lost it's purpose and serve a easy way for anyone to gain sexual favors. This helps change the society we live in and the old-fashion way of finding love is fading into these so-called dating apps.

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