By doing a lot of animation, I've gained a small interest in 3D design-/animation. I've always been motivated by "doing it myself", hence the sudden interest in 3D as I wanted to be able to control my phone mockups rather than finding something online. 

I taught myself in Blender and created an iPhone which i could play with and create "something cool". I am not professional in either 3D or animation, but I love creating movements, develop skills and learning new things. 
I started out modeling the phone. By following blueprints of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, I created the shape and focused on details.  
I added materials to the phone and adding my portfolio to the screen.
Continuing with adding lights and starting to animate movements to both the phones, camera and light to get a more dynamic look. 
This was the final rendered result. Playing with the light settings was perhaps the most fun part where I got creative and tried making it interesting.  
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